Monday, October 19, 2009

Ocean Cathedral

Ocean Cathedral
Acrylic on Canvas
36 x 24

This was my first painting that I completed upon my arrival in Maine. There is a bit of a warm up when I change locations. The landscape and the culture are so different in Maine. There are a lot of similarities as well. [Mosquitoes, fierce independence, pride, amazing food, closeness to the land, etc.] Since my change really is going from a very urban environment to the country, there is a slowing down that happens. There are not as many choices for things, so you make due. There are not many places to go, so you just hang out and be. I spend a lot of time on a very tiny, rocky beach, watching the lobster boats, sailboats and kids playing in the freezing water.

For Ocean Cathedral, I used an old Life magazine from the late 1960s. The focus was sailing. This piece is a depiction of our need to build on the coastline. Higher and higher to see the water. Mansions and shacks alike.

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